Lockdown To Stay in India, Hints PM: “Measures In 3rd Phase Not Required In 4th.”

Lockdown 4.0 In India

Lockdown To Stay in India: At eight o’clock tonight, Prime Minister Modi is going to address the country. This will be his sixth report to the country after the coronavirus has knocked in India.

Earlier on Monday, in a meeting with the Chief Ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave some hints about Lockdown-4. According to the news agency PTI, he said in this meeting, “The decisions made in Lockdown-1 were not required in Lockdown-2, the steps taken in Lockdown-2 were not needed in Lockdown-3, in the same way.

Decisions such as lockdown-3 in -4 will not be necessary. “Since then, it is being discussed that lockdown-4 will come in India. It has also been confirmed that it will not be like Lockdown-3.

In such a situation, there is only one question in the mind of the public, what will the lockdown be like after all?

The answer has come out from the meeting of the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers to no small extent.

Lockdown To Stay, Hints PM: “Measures In 3rd Phase Not Required In 4th.”

Will states get more rights in this lockdown?

Lockdown To Stay in India
Lockdown To Stay in India

The lockdown phase seen in India so far, one thing that was common among all of them was to make the law of the central government.

Orders were issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Health Ministry, and the state governments had to be implemented them.

But in the Chief Ministers meeting on Monday, many states have demanded that states should be allowed to set rules according to their own, whether it is to divide the districts into the Red, Orange, and Green zones, or to increase the lockdown. Or it may be a matter of taking the workers.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan suggested that the decision to relax the lockdown except in the red zone should be left to the state governments.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to start the passenger train service.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has demanded to increase the coronavirus lockdown.

Mamta Banerjee has also accused the Center of interfering in the work of the state many times before.

It is clear from the stand of these states that they want their participation in further decisions. It may be that, to no small extent in Lockdown-4, the central government will agree to give such exemption to the states because the Center now needs to focus more on the economy.

Many more economic activities will be allowed.

Lockdown To Stay in India
Lockdown To Stay in India

The pressure on the central government to start many more economic activities is being made continuously on behalf of industry organizations.

A package of 15 lakh crores has been demanded from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

According to him, many companies have been closed for 50 days, and they do not even have the money to pay salaries to the people.

If the medium and small-scale industries are not given help, then they will not be able to stand again.

Not only this, but the treasury of state governments is also empty. Most of the states had started the scheme of opening liquor shops for earning, and e-delivery even in Lockdown-3.

States will have to take more measures on their own to fill the treasure.

Street Locations Shops and Markets

Lockdown To Stay in India
Lockdown To Stay in India

Pravin Khandelwal of the Confederation of All India Traders Association (CAT), an organization of retail traders in India, says, “In the last 50 days, the government has incurred a loss of 1 lakh 15 thousand crore GST.

What we traders do is different. We have given many suggestions for the government to open the market. Hopefully, the government will listen to us in lockdown-4. “

Sharing the plan submitted to the government, our sources said:


• Instead of 6 days a week, it is suggested to open 2 or 3 days in the beginning. The government can also do this so that shops on one side of the road should open one day and shops on the other side should open on the other day.

• Apart from this, we have also given suggestions to the government about opening the market at different timings.

• CAT also told the government that retail traders are ready to follow every guideline by following social distancing in business methods.

It is possible that the government may not accept all their suggestions in Lockdown-4, but some will allow a recommendation. This is because it will be in the interest of both the government and the businesses.

Public transport can also run.

Lockdown To Stay in India
Lockdown To Stay in India

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has sought suggestions related to lockdown-4 from Delhiites. For this, they have also released phone, email, and WhatsApp numbers.

In the suggestion, he has sought public opinion on whether the bus, metro, auto, the taxi should be opened. Actually, from May 12, a limited number of train journeys are starting from Delhi.

In this, some vehicles have been allowed to come to the station for those who will have a confirmed ticket. Many government and private institutions have also been opened in Lockdown-3.

If markets and some offices open in Lockdown-4, then it is compulsory and necessary to open public transport to ensure movement.

Not every man has his own car. Therefore, following social distancing, it is quite possible to allow public transport to be opened with fixed timings.

The Maharashtra government has asked the Railway Minister to run the Mumbai local so that people engaged in essential services can be facilitated.

Union Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri has also indicated the opening of domestic flights in Lockdown-4.

In the meeting with the Prime Minister himself, Delhi Chief Minister has said to open everything other than the Containment Zone, and it is being speculated that Delhi Metro can also be run with some concessions and strictness.

OPD and locality clinics in the hospital

Lockdown To Stay in India
Lockdown To Stay in India

In the era of the corona, not everyone was going to see the diseases related to non-corona.

But in the meantime, people with diseases like malaria, chikungunya, surgery, thalassemia, and people undergoing dialysis are finding it difficult to get treatment.

That is why OPD services are being opened in most hospitals, along with emergencies. Dr. K Srinath Reddy of the Public Health Foundation of India says that until the vaccine or medicine is found for the corona, there is a need to get into the habit of living with the disease.

In such a situation, gradually, we need to open a few more things in Lockdown-4. Unusual things cannot be banned for more than 50-60 days.

Dr. Reddy is associated with the institution from which the government has been asking for suggestions from time to time.

“Can’t we do without it?” According to Dr. Reddy, we have to ask ourselves this question before exiting the house. Only then will we be able to live life with the corona alert.

What will happen to schools, colleges, malls, and cinema halls?

Lockdown To Stay in India
Lockdown To Stay in India

However, some of the services that can be closed in Lockdown-4 are schools, colleges, malls, and theaters. The need for these facilities is not immediately visible.

However, there is also a livelihood crisis here. But according to experts, this need not come in luxury. Therefore, all these services can also remain closed for a few days.

But wherever there is scope for relaxation, there should be no need to add that everywhere you will have to follow the necessary steps of social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands.

The government has already said to use the Arogya Setu App as an e-pass in all these works.

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