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Michelle Ugenti-Rita is an American politician who has served in the Arizona State Senate as a Republican since January 14, 2019. From 2013 until 2019, she was a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. She served in the District 8 seat from January 10, 2011, to January 14, 2013. She is a contender for Arizona Secretary of State in the 2022 election. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (Republican Party) represents District 23 in the Arizona State Senate. On January 14, 2019, she took office.

Her current term will expire on January 9, 2023. Michelle is from  Republican Party and is a candidate for Arizona Secretary of State. On August 2, 2022, she will be on the Republican primary ballot. Ugenti-Rita served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 2011 until 2019, representing District 23. Due to term restrictions, she was ineligible to compete for re-election to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2018. UGENTI-RITASince her first tenure, she has championed various reforms to ensure election integrity, including the prohibition of ballot harvesting, the consolidation of election dates; the strengthening of our voter I.D. legislation; and the cleaning up of our vote-by-mail registers. She was also the first to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors accountable by drawing public attention to a hidden agreement last updated in the 1980s that delegated much of the Board’s election responsibilities and duties to the County Recorder, and she convened a special hearing of her Elections Committee to investigate county election officials’ complete failure during the 2016 Presidential Primary Election debacle.

Michelle Ugenti Rita Career

Ugenti was the lone Republican to vote against a ‘Blue Lives Matter bill that toughened penalties for assaulting off-duty police officers in 2017.  In January 2019, she introduced legislation that would make it illegal for people who obtained early voting ballots to vote at polling stations before or on election day (they would only be allowed to cast them through the mail). Ugenti has sponsored a variety of bills that make it more difficult to place ballot proposals before voters. She backed legislation in 2021 that would require Arizona mail-in voters to include identity papers with their ballots.Michael Ugentia-Rita She also backed legislation that would remove registered voters from early voting records if they failed to vote early in two consecutive elections. The proposal was introduced in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, during which Donald Trump and his supporters made false claims of fraud and refused to concede to Joe Biden. She initially supported the Maricopa County presidential ballot audit in 2021 but retracted her support in July 2021.

She has a track record of working with constituents to turn their ideas and concerns into legislation. Building on those successes, her vision for the office is to be a shining light on the counties’ adherence to election policies and procedures; to defend the state against the federal government’s intrusive and overreaching acts (such as the H.R. 1 For the People Act); to modernize and provide uniformity of election systems and equipment; to ensure our system is not exploited to facilitate a particular outcome; to harness all of its powers and resources to combat fraud, and to increase transparency.Michelle-Ugentia With some counties conducting elections directly through the Board of Supervisors and others collaborating with their county recorders, statewide consistency and continuity are critical. It is unconscionable that no uniform voting technology be used across the state in 2021, despite all of the resources devoted to elections. This lack of vision and purpose can only be traced to a history of viewing the job as a stepping stone to the greater office with a status quo mentality.

Despite the caustic and doomsday scare tactics that have bombarded the public, she is optimistic that she will be able to restore people’s faith in election administration by continuing to prioritize their voices in the execution of her duties.

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Michelle Ugenti Rita Election Performance

  • In 2010, with Democratic Representative David Bradley running for the Arizona Senate, Ugenti and Republican incumbent John Kavanagh competed in the six-way District 8 Primary, with Ugenti finishing second with 9,581 votes.
  • In the general election on November 2, Kavanagh won the first seat, and Ugenti won the second with 38,055 votes against Democrat John Kriekard.
  • 2012 With incumbent Republicans John Fillmore running for Arizona Senate and Frank Pratt redistricted to District 8, Ugenti ran in the three-way Republican Primary on August 28; Kavanagh won with 18,106 votes, and Ugenti finished second with 18,106 votes.
  • Ugenti and Kavanagh ran unopposed in the general election on November 6, 2012, with Ugenti obtaining the first seat with 68,827 votes.
  • In 2014 Michelle Ugenti and Jay Lawrence won the Republican primary over Effie Carlson and Bob Littlefield and went unopposed in the general election.
  • In the Republican primary in 2016, Ugenti and Jay Lawrence ran unopposed.
    On November 8, they beat Democrat Tammy Caputi. With 69,758 votes, Ugenti received the most votes in the election.
  • In the 2018 primary, Ugenti-Rita defeated two Republican candidates, receiving 41.4 percent of the vote. With 57.1 percent of the vote, she defeated Democratic candidate Daria Lohman and Independent Christopher Leone.

Assigned Committees

In 2021–2022, the following committees were assigned to Ugenti-Rita: Senate Appropriations Committee, Chairman Finance Committee, Government Committee, Chair Senate Judiciary Committee, and Member. Ugenti-Rita was assigned to the following committees for 2019-2020: Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senate Commerce Committee, and Senate Finance Committee.

Michelle Ugenti Rita’s Personal Life

Michelle was born on June 28, 1980, in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. She graduated from Desert Mountain High School. Ugenti-Rita graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2004. She previously worked as a real estate agent with Marcus & Millichap and Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty.Michelle-Ugenti-Rita- In addition to serving in the legislature for the past 11 years, she is a mother of three children, the owner of a Pomeranian named Wolfie, and a Scottsdale native and citizen. She played rugby for the ASU Women’s Rugby Club team in addition to earning her way through college.

Michelle Ugenti Rita’s Net Worth

According to the sources, in 2021 her net worth was estimated between $1 Million – $5 Million.

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