Mike Lindell Flies into a Rage After Mike Johnson Speaks at Trump trial

Mike Lindell Flies into a Rage After Mike Johnson Speaks at Trump trial

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a vocal Trump supporter, expressed his disappointment in Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for his recent speech on Trump’s case.

Mike Johnson, in an interview with Steve Bannon, made a few remarks on the Manhattan trial case, charged Trump for his hush money payment to the leading po*n star, Ms. Daniel, to keep her quiet before the 2016 election.

During his remarks, Johnson spoke for Trump and stated that Trump is “innocent of these charges.”

However, Johnson’s remarks didn’t satisfy Lindell, as Johnson used notes while speaking. Lindell also questioned Johnson’s Christianity in expressing his thoughts over Johnson’s comment.

Mike Lindell mocked Johnson, glancing at a note card. “Well, here’s Mike Johnson.” Lindell further added, “This is bad for Donald Trump. Oh, wait a minute. It says here I’m a Christian. Just hold on, let me look at my notes.”

He further added, “This guy has no passion for our country!” “He has no passion for our great real president! This guy has to go.”

Lindell claimed that it was “disgusting” to use notes for public figures like Trump, who is a uniter of the country.

Mike Lindell Flies into Rage After Mike Johnson Speaks at Trump trial

He said, “I’ll tell you what’s going on in our country,” “Donald Trump is a uniter of the people. All people are getting united because, you know what?”

He added, “The people have seen through this garbage of like Speaker Johnson up there saying, this was bad,” “Really? You had to read that off your notes, Speaker Johnson, to tell you it’s a bad that’s up there? Pathetic, pathetic.”

Lindell, who is a true supporter of Trump, has been blindly supporting him, even after Trump’s defeat in his last electoral challenge.

He believes that Trump will precisely win this election and give his full support to him, be it his hush-money charges or the judge’s gag order. He never fails to abide by his support to him.

However, Trump is facing three other legal charges apart from the ongoing trial of hush money payment.

Two of the cases claim that Trump tried to change the 2020 election results against Joe Biden, while the third accuses him of not handling secret documents properly after leaving office.

However, Trump has not pleaded guilty to all these charges. Also, it is unclear if this trial will be before the next presidential challenge on November 5.

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