Narendra Modi Government: Why is it difficult to compete against Narendra Modi even after six years

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Narendra Modi Government: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is completing the first year of his second term today, i.e., on May 30.  After six years as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi realizes well that he is still invincible. The opposition is still minimal in front of him.  No leader of the opposition has got that status.

However, Congress relinquished power in Maharashtra and Jharkhand in Modi’s second term.  The Congress has no Chief Minister in these two states but managed to prevent the BJP from coming to power.

Narendra Modi Government: Rahul Gandhi’s hopes

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

Rahul Gandhi hopes that he will challenge PM Modi because he feels that the BJP government has failed to address many problems adequately. But the Modi government is not grappling with problems on the political front, so it is not easy for Rahul Gandhi or any Congress leader to overwhelm them.

Problems on the economic front surround the Modi government, and these problems are very complex.  It is being said that on the economic front, these problems are so big that PM Modi cannot find a solution even if he wants to. 

The new challenges and factors facing the Prime Minister are not due to his limitations and compulsions.

From good day to self-sufficient

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

Modi knows that he came to power through the promise of a good day in 2014 and is giving a slogan of self-reliance in 2020.  Modi is still considered a reliable and popular leader. Such an image has been made that they do not hesitate to make tough decisions and try to make new leaks.

Modi is also unaware of where he has decided to walk and where he will get results.  In the second year of his second term, PM Modi will be seen moving forward with these images, whose illustration has been seen in the first year.

Article 370, which provided support to separatism and insurgency in Kashmir, ended the government in this way.

BJP’s next important step

Narendra Modi Government

Narendra Modi Government

Through a masterstroke, Kashmir was absorbed into the entire country at the legal and administrative levels. But with the removal of Article 370, neither the election victory nor the Islamic extremist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir ended forever.

With this, the Modi government also showed its commitment to triple talaqThe end of three divorces brought relief to Muslim women because men were arbitrary in breaking the marriage.

The triple talaq bill also showed non-BJP parties’ faces in which they preferred vote bank over gender equality. The BJP has also given the message that its next step is the Uniform Civil Code.

Modi’s commitment

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

With this, the Modi government amended the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act to strengthen the anti-terrorism law further.  Under this, any person can now be declared a terrorist, which was already done in many countries.

By the end of 2019, the Supreme Court also decided on the Ram temple. There was a mosque in Ayodhya, there will no longer be a mosque, and a Ram temple will be built.

The mosque was demolished in 1992 in the BJP campaign led by LK Advani.  The BJP feels that after the Supreme Court’s decision, it has been acquitted in the Babri demolition case, and a large section of Muslims has accepted the court verdict.

Citizenship amendment law

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

Modi government had to face a lot of problems regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act, i.e., CAA

The CAA provides for citizenship of non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

There were many doubts in the minds of India’s Muslims about the CAA, and demonstrations were also held against it.

Shaheen Bagh of Delhi became a symbol of the anti-CAA protest.

After this, the issue of NPR, i.e., National Population Register and NRC, i.e., National Register for Citizens, came up.

A large number of people in Assam were disturbed due to NRC. The violence took place from Murshidabad in West Bengal to Jamia in Delhi over CAA.

Communal riots in Delhi

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

This violence turned into communal riots in Delhi. More than 50 Hindus and Muslims were killed in it.

This riot was like a blot for the Modi government, which till now claimed not to allow any communal riot. However, before this, many lynchings were reported. Apart from this, BJP lost the election in Jharkhand and Delhi assembly elections.

In Maharashtra, the 30-year-old ally Shiv Sena split from the BJP and formed a government with the Congress. The political drama of forming a government in Maharashtra continued for a long time. 

It ended with the image of the central government that the governor was made a pawn to gain power.

Economic decisions

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

During this time, the most adventurous financial step was merging ten state-run banks into big banks.   This led to the proper use of the workforce and also cut down on expenses.

But due to the impact of all these actions of the government, the problems in the Indian economy due to the global economic crisis increased.  The beginning of 2020 and the Modi government’s general budget did not give any indication that there is going to be any revolutionary improvement in the economy.

There was disappointment in the middle class about the policies of the government. Economic challenges are continually getting more significant for the Modi government.

Loudowns applied to prevent the spread of the global epidemic of the Coronavirus worsened the state of the economy.

Coronavirus crisis

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

Large number Due to the investigation of COVID-19 in The number of infected people is showing increasing, but the growth rate of this disease has come down.

Thankfully, PM Modi imposed strict restrictions across the country in time. Existing facilities in hospitals were repaired.  The percentage of people who died of COVID-19 in India is just 2.87. Modi can claim to take credit in this matter, but some states have also done good work.

As on date, the total number of people infected with India Corona has increased to 173,491 and the number of dead to 4980. The problem of the migrant laborers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar due to the lockdown with the fight against the Coronavirus has made this government uncomfortable.

The weakness of the workers

Narendra Modi Government
Narendra Modi Government

Hundreds of kilometers of hungry and thirsty workers were seen walking and cycling. They want to reach their village in some way.

The Modi government was surrounded by the helplessness of these workers that they had not made any preparations for the lockdown. Amid all these questions and troubles, the Modi government announced a package of 20 lakh crores.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held a press conference to allocate the package amount every day for five days. The challenge before the government is that the allocation of the package, which is talked about, should be proven right on the ground.

The Modi government still believes in significant reforms, structural changes, and ease of doing business. In the 2019 manifesto of BJP, in 2022, on the completion of 75 years of India’s independence, the party said 75 milestones.

If the Modi government manages to achieve 75 milestones, then the story of India’s progress will be overshadowed by the coronavirus epidemic.

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