New Jersey Two Democrats Face Election Fraud Charges

New Jersey Two Democrats Face Election Fraud Charges

Prosecutors have charged two Democrats in New Jersey in a state election fraud case related to mail-in ballots and fraudulent voter registration.

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New Jersey Two Democrats Face Election Fraud Charges

After multiple legal blows to Republicans, election fraud charges have been filed against two Democrats in New Jersey.

As a result of months of investigation, according to a report on Saturday, Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin has brought up new charges against Democrat Paterson City Council President Alex Mendez and mayoral candidate Dr. Henrilynn Ibezim due to their alleged state election fraud related to mail-in ballots and voter registration.

Attorney General Platkin said, “The defendants are accused of attempting to rig the election in their favour and to deprive the voters of having their voices heard. The functioning of democracy relies on voters’ trust that their votes count and those votes determine the outcomes of elections.”

Alex Mendez has been charged with conspiracy to commit witness tampering, mail-in ballot fraud, unauthorized holding of mail-in ballots, public record tampering, forgery, soliciting or assisting in unlawful voter registration, and various election rules violations.

He has also been charged with falsifying or tampering with election records and conspiracy to tamper with or fabricate evidence.

Mendez responded to his new charges on Wednesday. “This is unfair. They rushed to charge me four years ago, and when they knew those charges weren’t working and were going nowhere, they charged me with something else,” said the City Council president.

“I am looking forward to my day in court. I’’m fighting this to the end,” added Mendez.

On the other hand, Dr. Henrilynn Ibezim is charged with directing campaign workers to fill out 954 fraudulent voter registration application forms and mail them to the Union County Commissioner of Registration.

New Jersey Democrats Face Election Fraud Charges

He faces charges of election fraud, criminal attempt to commit false registration or transfer, tampering with public records, forgery, falsifying public records, and hindering apprehension or prosecution.

As per the sources, the outlet reported, “According to the attorney general’s office, Paterson City Council President Alex Mendez (D) is facing additional charges in a 2020 election fraud case, after having previously been charged in June 2020 and February 2021.”

The report continued, “On Wednesday, Platkin announced that new charges have been brought against Mendez and his associates regarding mail-in ballot election fraud, which occurred during the 2020 election that was mostly conducted by mail.”

“Dr. Henrilynn Ibezim, who was a candidate for Plainfield mayor in 2021, has been charged with directing his associates to fill out blank voter registration applications and bringing nearly 1,000 of them to a post office,” the report added.

The two Democrats are facing charges due to an investigation into their alleged election fraud in the state by the Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA).

Executive director of the Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability Thomas Eicher said, “I’m grateful for the many additional months of work the investigative team invested in pursuing evidence of potential witness tampering. Their efforts uncovered more illegal conduct by these defendants, culminating in these new charges.”

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