Philip Perry Net worth, Education, China Connections and Career

Philip Perry Life, Education and Career

Born on October 16, 1964, Philip Perry is most famously known as an American Attorney and as a political appointee during the Bush administration. Over the period of his career, he has held several posts of high importance including that of the Attorney General of the Department of Justice.

He worked closely with Homeland security too. He has also maneuvered the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. courts of attorney, and U.S. district courts all over the country. He is also well known for his work on various issues of national importance in federal and commercial fields.

Philip Perry Life, Education, Chinese Connections and Career

Philip Perry  Education and Early Career

Perry was born in San Diego County, California. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (1986) and a Juris Doctor degree (1990) He went on as a counsel to United states hearings on Campaign finance abuses for the 1996 presidential campaign. He then worked for President-Elect Bush in an advisory capacity.

He then joined the department of justice and went on to be promoted to the third-highest official rank (associate attorney general). He used to oversee the five units of the Department of Justice – Civil, Tax, Environment and Natural Resources, Antitrust, and Civil Rights.

Philip Perry Net Worth & Late Career

In 2002, Perry started at the White House as a counsel of Office Management and Budget. Here he managed a number of disputes on behalf of the White House and developed White House Policy initiatives.

After spending many years with the Government, Perry joined Latham and Watkins. He famously served as a lead trial counsel in a matter of national importance. He also worked a number of commercial cases, but his most notable successes always came from national litigation matters.

Perry started working as a Counsel to Homeland Security in 2005. Here, Perry supervised over 1,500 lawyers and advised the Secretary and the White House over various issues of litigation. Personal Life and Wealth Perry married Elizabeth Cheney, who is an alumna of Colorado college.

They have five children together. His net worth has been growing exponentially recently. it stands at anywhere between 1 million to 5 million dollars.

Philip Perry  Chinese Connections

According to an article by the National Pulse, Perry’s law firm represents several clients with links to the Chinese Communist Party. The firm has offices in China and has been called the “tools” of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S.

State Department and People’s Liberation Army collaborators. They have been advising Tencent (a Chinese company) over its investment in an American organization.

Tencent is suspected to have been controlled by the Chinese government, as per the US government. To expand its horizons in the Chinese market, the company has hired former Chinese Communist Party members.

Since China is a foreign and hostile nation, this newly found information has brought him and his wife Elizabeth Cheney under the radar of the Government as well as the people.


As far as American litigation and legal Counsel is concerned, the name Philip Perry is of paramount importance. He has been hailed as an important figure while he was a part of the team of lawyers who worked on settling the issue of which family members of September 11 victims would be eligible to receive compensation.

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