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PUBG Unban in India: When will PUBG be Back in India? PUBG Return in India News Updates

Indian Government put on 118 Chinese apps in India, after the first edition when 59 apps were banned. The banning of these apps resulted from the increasing tension between India and China at the borders. In these 118 apps was a millennial favorite game, PUBG, which was also put a ban upon which many people were sad about. But recently, news broke out on how PUBG might return to India. The sadness on the faces vanished, and the hopes of the games return came back.

Pubg Unban in India

When PUBG was banned in India, the company that developed the game faced significant losses. It was evident that the PUBG mobile gamers in India are far more than any other place. So the game’s corporation has decided to break ties with Tencent Games that handled PUBG in India. And they agreed to hand it over to a South Korean firm in India. This may result in the ban of PUBG game lifting in India. So the PUBG game players need not be so sad anymore and wait for a final verdict to come out soon.

When will PUBG be Back in India?

When the Government of India decided to ban certain apps, including PUBG, the makers did come out with a statement. They said in their report that they believe and understand why the Government would make such a decision. The security of players is a top priority even to us, and we respect the decision taken. They also added by saying that we hope to work hand in hand with the Government. And we also hope to come out with a solution for the same matter and build back again for the players of PUBG.

PUBG Return in India News Updates 2020

The Government put forward their thoughts behind the ban of these Chinese apps. By now, everyone is aware of the tensions between India and China on the borders. Concerning the “Security, data security and Surveillance,” the ban was necessary. The center also added a statement where it is said, “The compilation of these data is mining and profiling by elements hostile to India’s national security and defense. This ultimately impinges upon India’s sovereignty and integrity is a matter of profound and immediate concern that requires emergency measures.” So we’re guessing that the final verdict on the game will be out soon, so stay tuned to world wire for the latest updates.

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