Read People vs. Donald Trump Book Free online

Read People vs. Donald Trump Book Free online

Read People vs. Donald Trump Book Free online – There are many books by renowned authors associated with Donald Trump. However, the People vs. Donald Trump Book is unique for multiple reasons.

First, it would be released amid Mr. Trump’s facing several legal and criminal investigations. Second, the People vs. Donald Trump Book is a creation of one of the lawyers involved in his investigations, meaning the book may contain some hidden elements of the investigation. However, this is a thing to wonder about as the book has yet to be released.

People are eager to learn where to read the People vs. Donald Trump book free online. To help you with the same, we have prepared this article.

Here, we have covered everything, such as how to read the book online, book overview, controversies, and more.

So without further ado, let’s begin –

People vs. Donald Trump Book Overview

People vs. Donald Trump Book Overview

The People vs. Donald Trump book is written by Mark Pomerantz, one of the advocates involved in Trump’s investigation cases and resigned in protest when Manhattan’s district attorney refused to act. In the book, Mark gives an inside account of the attempt to prosecute Mr. Donald Trump.

Mark Pomerantz lived a peaceful suburban life as a retired lawyer, but when in February 2021, the New York County district attorney staff urged him to work on Donald Trump’s investigation, he accepted an unexpected offer.

The Manhattan District Attorney preferred Mark Pomerantz because he possesses vast experience in prosecuting white-collar and organized crime cases. He had worked as a federal prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney for a long time and prosecuted several cases in his career involving murder, political corruption, drug trafficking, tax evasion, financial fraud, etc. His clients had involved senators, governors, financial institutions, business leaders, and gangsters and murderers.

For one year, Mark investigated the world of Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization. He examined financial records, interviewed probable witnesses, and tried everything he could about Trump’s business practices.

Through his investigation, Mark learned that the former President’s approach to business was not unusual and had many similarities with the business practices of another prominent public figure, including former mob boss John J. Gotti.

Mark’s investigations led him to gather adequate evidence to support Trump’s indictment. Many of his coworkers on the case, including earlier Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, supported the view that former President Donald Trump should be indicted for several financial crimes. However, that indictment never took place.

You can read the People vs. Donald Trump book to learn why Mr. Trump’s prosecution never happened. However, not all of his efforts were wasted.

Mark’s investigation and evidence helped indict the Trump Organisation with its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, who was found guilty of tax fraud. But, that indictment was to prevent a larger criminal case against the former President that Mark requested Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, to bring. When Bragg refused to authorize Trump’s prosecution, Mark and his colleague Carey Dunne resigned.

New York’s attorney general is currently following the aspects of Trump’s case that Mark intended to bring in a civil fraud case that does not involve criminal penalties.

You can read the People vs. Donald Trump book to get a glimpse of how Mark has elaborated the story of his investigation, why he believes Mr. Trump should be prosecuted, and what people can learn about the justice system in America from this unusual case. The book illustrates the lifetime experience of the author. It accounts for a devastating and often entertaining story of how prosecutors think, how criminals act, and how the American justice system works.

Through the People vs. Donald Trump book, Mark has tried to present a cautionary story explaining the challenges of prosecuting Donald Trump, why and how the former President managed to swing between accountability, and how few others might bring him to justice.

Read the People vs. Donald Trump Book Free Online

Read the People vs. Donald Trump Book Free Online

The People vs. Donald Trump Book will be released on February 7, 2023.

Wondering how to read the People vs. Donald Trump Book Free Online?

Sadly, as of now, there is no way you can read the People vs. Donald Trump book free online. However, when the book will be released, we will share a guide you can follow for the same.

Meanwhile, you can follow the steps below to check if you can read the People vs. Donald Trump book free online –

  • Visit this link –
  • You will see the option of getting an “ebook” or “decline.”
  • You need to sign in by entering your email in the provided box to read People vs. Donald Trump free online.
  • Enter your email.
  • Click on the “Yes Please” icon.
  • Now, wait for the book to get released.

On the release date, please sign in with the same email on the same link and check whether you can read the People vs. Donald Trump book free online. Alternatively, you can also buy the book.

About the Author – Mark Pomerantz

Mark Pomerantz

Mark Pomerantz is a well-known American attorney who served as a member of the New York law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. He quit the firm in February 2021 to work with the Manhattan District Attorney to investigate the finances of Mr. Donald Trump. He resigned from Trump’s investigation case in February 2022.

He served US Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart and as a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York in the US Attorney’s Office. He also worked as a professor at Columbia Law School and has talked about criminal procedure and white-collar law at Stanford and Harvard Law Schools.

People vs. Donald Trump Book Controversy

People vs. Donald Trump Book Controversy

The release of Mark Pomerantz’s new book is in controversy because he was involved in the criminal investigation of the finances of Mr. Donald Trump and resigned when the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg indicated that he would not move ahead with the case.

The book is suspected of changing Alvin Bragg’s plan to indict the former President. Bragg previously refused to move the investigation and prosecute Mr. Trump in the case involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

According to the newsletter obtained from the District Attorney’s office, Bragg is concerned about Mark’s People vs. Donald Trump Book as it can potentially bias his ongoing criminal investigation into Trump.

The DA’s office said the forthcoming book could compromise the investigation of Mr. Trump’s case. The office stated that the author and the top prosecutor could use the confidential information unlawfully for his benefit.

In a letter to the book’s publisher, the DA office’s general counsel, Leslie Dubeck, asserted, “Based on the pre-publication descriptions of the book and the current knowledge of the matter. Still, without access to the manuscript, this office believes there is a significant risk that the publication of the book will materially prejudice ongoing criminal investigations and related adjudicative proceedings.”

According to the publisher’s description, Simon and Schuster’s The People vs. Donald Trump book accounts for Mark Pomerantz’s attempt to prosecute former President Donald Trump. The book explains why the prosecutor resigned in protest when Manhattan’s district attorney refused to act.

In her letter, Dubeck also told the publisher that as per the agreement between the DA office and the former prosecutor, Mark is obliged to get written permission from the DA’s office in advance before making any disclosures relating to any documents or communications regarding Trump’s investigation case. She wrote the matter was being addressed to protect the integrity of the District Attorney’s Office’s pending criminal investigations against the former President.

The DA Office notified the publication of the People vs. Donald Trump Book by claiming that Mark’s resignation as an investigator made him incapable of deciding whether the details of the case in his book might jeopardize the entire Trump case. The office argued that any further steps from Mark could harm an ongoing criminal investigation and warned the publishers to seek to pause the publication of the book on February 7.

With this heated controversy between the District Attorney’s Office and the publishers through the former Trump case investigator Mark Pomerantz, February 7 is the most awaited date to welcome the People vs. Donald Trump Book and learn about the former President’s criminal investigation in detail. Do read the People vs. Donald Trump Book free online with the help of our guide.

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