Ron DeSantis Says He Would Eliminate IRS and Other Agencies as US President

Ron DeSantis says He Would Eliminate IRS and Other Agencies as US president

Ron DeSantis indicated that he would abolish some government agencies to reduce the size of the government.

Let’s read what the Republican Presidential added to his promises.

Ron DeSantis Says He Would Eliminate IRS And Other Agencies As US President

In an interview on Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would eliminate four federal agencies if elected President in 2024.

When asked whether the governor considered removing any agency in the future, DeSantis responded with a list of four federal agencies he plans to eliminate if he becomes President of the United States. He said,” We would do away with the Department of Education, we would do the Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, and we would do the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”

The governor said that he would close these four federal agencies as part of an effort to reduce the size of the federal government and cut unnecessary spending.

DeSantis said,” If Congress will work with me on doing that, we will be able to reduce the size and scope of government. If Congress doesn’t go that far, I will use those agencies to push back against woke ideology and against the leftism that we see creeping into all institutions of American life.”

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DeSantis’s statement comes a few days after the governor announced his border policy for illegal immigration in Texas on Sunday and pledged to end birthright citizenship and restart construction of the southern wall as President.

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Ron DeSantis say He Would Eliminate IRS and Other Agencies as US president


On Tuesday, the Florida governor issued an unexpected veto and rejected a criminal justice reform bill that had received significant bipartisan approval in the Republican-led state Legislature.

DeSantis’s strategies appear to be an apparent attempt to distinguish himself further right on several issues than former President and Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

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Although the former President has not indicated eliminating the Education Department or other federal agencies if he becomes President in 2024, he has earlier suggested eliminating federal funding for any school or program supporting critical race theory, gender ideology, and other inappropriate ethical, sexual, or political content onto the children.

Furthermore, it is not the first time DeSantis has come up with abolishing the IRS. In May, the governor labeled the IRS as a ‘corrupt organization’ on ‘The Dana Show’ when DeSantis was questioned whether he would sign a measure to abrogate the agency.

DeSantis replied, “The answer is yes. We need something different.” The Florida governor also supported defunding the IRS during an interview the same month.

Similarly, DeSantis is one of many presidential candidates to have suggested eliminating federal agencies. In 2011 then-Texas Governor Rick Perry said that he would eliminate three federal agencies, Commerce and Education, but he forgot to name the third, the Energy Department. Ironically, he was later made energy secretary under the Trump administration.

The IRS department, controlled by the Treasury Department, has been Republicans‘ target for a long time. According to some sources, the department has reduced around 20% of its staff since 2010.

Also, the debt ceiling bill eliminated $1.4 billion in IRS funding and allocated approximately $20 billion from the $80 billion provided to the agency through the Inflation Reduction Act to nondefense funds.

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According to the government spending data, the budgets for the Commerce, education, and Energy departments were $109 billion, $194 billion, and $160 billion in the current fiscal year.

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