Trump files notice of appeal that will impact D.C. trial schedule

Trump files notice of appeal that will impact D.C. trial schedule

Donald Trump is facing federal criminal charges for the 2020 election conspiracy case, the case which is ongoing and is scheduled for trial in March.

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Trump files notice of appeal that will impact D.C. trial schedule

Former President Donald Trump filed a notice on Thursday stating that he would appeal a ruling over a D.C. judge’s decision that he was not immune from prosecution either by his position as president or by the Constitution’s rules for impeachment.

Trump’s legal team laid out two reasons why the allegations against Trump, who tried to thwart Joe Biden’s 2020 election, should be dropped.

The Trump attorneys claimed that he was protected by presidential immunity.

Secondly, they contended that accusing him of attempting to obstruct the election outcomes goes against the legal principle of double jeopardy, given that Trump was already acquitted at his congressional impeachment for his actions preceding the riot on January 6, 2021.

On Friday, December 1, Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing the former President’s case regarding election meddling, ruled against Trump.

She turned down his request to have his D.C. charge dismissed due to presidential immunity and constitutional grounds. According to Chutkan, the former President was not completely immune from punishment for acts he took while serving as President.

Trump’s attorneys additionally asked in a separate filing on Thursday to pause all ongoing legal processes until his appeal is resolved. According to Trump’s attorneys, a stay of this kind is necessary in light of Supreme Court and D.C. Circuit Court precedence.

Trump has asked that Chutkan rule on this motion for a seven-day stay.

Trump files notice of appeal that will impact D.C. trial schedule

His attorneys claimed, “The continuation of these proceedings in the absence of jurisdiction inflicts ongoing irreparable harm,” To obtain a full stay from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Trump has requested that Chutkan grant a short administrative stay in the case.

The judge gave an order on Thursday night directing prosecutors to reply to Trump’s filing by 5 p.m. on Sunday and asking Trump’s team to provide a response to the prosecutors’ arguments by 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Legal analysts stated that since Trump submitted his notice of appeal about Chutkan’s immunity ruling, the matter can only go to trial once the appeals court considers his claims.

If the appeals court rules against Trump and sends the matter back to Chutkan, some attorneys predict that it may take many more weeks to finish trial preparations.

Potential jurors in the nation’s capital have been notified that they are being considered for a three-month trial that is set to begin on March 4 in Washington, D.C. Trump is expected to go on trial there.

The scheduled trial date falls on the day before Super Tuesday and in the middle of the GOP presidential primary cycle.

This would be the first of four criminal trials that Trump will face. Trump becomes the first former President to face criminal charges and is again seeking the presidency.

He may not face trial before the 2024 elections, depending on how and when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and the Supreme Court process his appeal.

Meanwhile, There are lots of things going on in Trump’s legal cases, and his attorneys have maintained that their client needs and deserves additional time he’s attempting to retake the White House.

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