Trump Now Leading in 5 Battleground States – All of which Biden Won in 2020

Trump Now Leading in 5 Battleground States - All of which Biden Won in 2020

According to recent polls revelation, Former President Donald Trump is currently ahead of President Biden in five crucial swing states.

These states are Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. In the last election, Biden won all of them.

Polls conducted by The New York Times, Siena College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer show that Trump has more support among voters in these states than Biden, whereas Biden leads the voter chart only in Wisconsin.

However, it’s important to note that Biden won all six of these battleground states in the 2020 election.

If Biden manages to win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, along with the states he won in the previous election, he could re-secure his election.

The poll numbers reveal that there’s widespread dissatisfaction among Americans due to issues like inflation, the Israel-Hamas conflict, and immigration.

Many people are concerned about President Biden‘s ability to improve the quality of life in the country.

The latest polls haven’t shown much change since the last ones conducted by Times/Siena in battleground states last November.

Trump Now Leading in 5 Battleground States
Trump Now Leading in 5 Battleground States

Despite significant events like a 25 percent increase in the stock market, Trump’s trial in Manhattan, and Biden’s campaign spending millions on advertisements in battleground states, there’s little evidence that these developments have affected Biden positively, harmed Trump, or eased voter dissatisfaction.

Instead, the surveys indicate that issues like the high cost of living, immigration, the conflict in Gaza, and a desire for change are still negatively impacting Biden’s popularity.

Although Biden experienced a surge in support following his State of the Union address in March, he continues to lag behind in both national and battleground state polls on average.

According to recent polls, about 70 percent of voters feel that both the political and economic systems of the country need significant changes.

Surprisingly, only 13 percent of Biden’s supporters believe he can bring about such changes during his second term.

Even though many voters don’t like Trump, they believe he’s the candidate who can bring about change.

In terms of support, Trump and Biden are equally popular among young adults aged 18 to 29 and Hispanic voters, despite the majority of them voting for Biden in the last election.

Surprisingly, Trump has gained the support of 20 percent of Black voters, which is the highest level of support for any Republican presidential candidate since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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