Trump repeatedly targeted China, saying – China is running a propaganda campaign to divert attention from Corona.

Trump taking action to eliminate special treatment for Hong Kong

Trump repeatedly targeted China: The beginning of the war between the US and China over the Coronavirus is not being named.US President Donald Trump has once again targeted China.

Trump has said China is carrying out a massive propaganda campaign to divert attention from the pain and genocide that has spread around the world.

Trump expressed disappointment over China’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that China’s inability has resulted in large-scale deaths worldwide.

Trump repeatedly targeted China

Trump repeatedly targeted China
Trump repeatedly targeted China

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that China is running a massive propaganda campaign because it wants the sluggish Joe Biden to win the presidential race so that Trump repeatedly targeted China can continue exploiting America as Trump repeatedly targeted China has been doing for decades until I arrive.

He said in another tweet that spokespersons from China talk silly and try to divert attention from the pain and genocide that their country has spread around the world.

His propaganda and announcement of the attack on America and Europe is a disgrace … all this is happening from the top. Trump repeatedly targeted China could have easily prevented trouble, but he did not.

Trump blamed China for the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus and accused it of incompetence.

Trump repeatedly targeted China
Trump repeatedly targeted China

The President said that some foolish people in China issue statements and hold everyone responsible for the virus besides China, which has killed thousands of people.

Please explain to this dumb person that it was the incompetence of China, which led to mass deaths across the world nothing else.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said last month that China was the first to tell the World Health Organization about COVID-19.

This does not mean that the virus originated from Wuhan … nothing has ever been hidden, nor will we protect.

The Coronavirus first appeared in December last year in Wuhan, China. The virus has killed more than 3,30,000 people worldwide and has infected more than 51 lakh people.

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