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Tudor Dixon Net Worth- Wiki, Bio, Age, husband,, Family

Tudor Dixon for Governor

Tudor Dixon is a conservative American television personality, businesswoman, breast cancer survivor, and working mother of four daughters. She hosts the Real America’s Voice news network’s “America’s Voice Live.” 

Tudor Dixon was born in Naperville, Illinois, on May 5, 1977, and now lives in Michigan. Tudor completed her graduation from Naperville Central High School and attended the University of Kentucky.

Her mother is Catherine Dunlevy Makary, and she has a sister whose name has not been published. She kept her personal life private and her business and personal lives apart.

Tudor Dixon
Tudor Dixon is a conservative American television personality and businesswoman.

Tudor Dixon Career & Early life

Tudor hosts “America’s Voice Live” on Real America’s Voice cable network on weekday afternoons. Steve Gruber joins her as a co-host. Dixon also spent nearly ten years in the steel sector before pursuing a media and public relations career.d Dixon is now running for governor, hoping to flip the script on Governor Whitmer’s failure.

Her webpage serves as a campaign and team Tudor website, keeping it up to speed with current events. She declared her candidacy on Twitter, and many friends stepped forward to support her. Gruber, her co-host, described her as one of the “most honest and honorable people I’ve ever known.” He also lauded her work ethic and said she would do better for Michigan. 

Tudor Dixon on Social Media

Dixon is the type of person who says anything he wants, whenever he wants. Suddenly, she’s taking a stand on social media that she believes is correct. She is active on Twitter, expressing her views on various matters.

She has been outspoken in her criticism of the Current Michigan Gov. “Gretchen Whitmer,” for failing to do her job as a proper governor in the face of the pandemic. 

Dixon also announced on Twitter that she is running for governor and hopes to unseat Whitmer. She has a following despite not being popular with the general public. Tudor joined Twitter in May 2018 and currently has 28.4K followers. She also has a personal Instagram account. She has approximately 2604 followers there.

Tudor Dixon Personal life

Dixon has four daughters, which she proudly announced on social media. Aaron William Dixon is her husband’s name. Tudor Dixon is a working mother of four daughters and a breast cancer survivor. Throughout the early 2000s, she worked in Michigan’s steel industry, heading industrial sales for heavy equipment in the agriculture, automotive, and energy sectors, among others. 

Tudor Dixon for Governor
Tudor Dixon for Governor

Tudor, who was just thirty-one years old at the time, was named one of “Metalcasting’s Next Generation” by trade publication Foundry Management & Technology in 2009. She served as Chairwoman of the Steel Founders Society of America’s Future Leaders Committee.

Tudor took a break from her profession after having children and being diagnosed with breast cancer. Tudor temporarily returned to the steel industry after defeating cancer before embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure that brought her to conservative media and activism.

Tudor Dixon Net Worth 2022

Tudor Dixon net worth is not public knowledge. Dixon’s prior work, on the other hand, had her calculate $58,199 yearly (according to Salary). She was a professional television host. So Dixon was most likely earning more than $90,000 per year.

Tudor Dixon opponents and endorsement by Donald Trump

Tudor Dixon, the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement on Friday.

“When I met Tudor Dixon, she wasn’t highly known, but I could see she had something extraordinary – a quality that few others have,” Trump explained. “She delivered a strong speech about how she will lead Michigan, fight for election integrity, turn the economy around, and secure Michigan’s future for every child.”

Other Michigan Republicans attempted to derail Trump’s endorsement, which he hinted at in April when he praised Dixon by name at a rally in the state without naming the other GOP contenders.

In a Thursday letter, nine Republican candidates for the Michigan Legislature and U.S. Congress that Trump is supporting urged the former president not to stand with the “establishment” and Michigan’s powerful DeVos family, which is backing Dixon.

Dixon called Trump’s backing a “huge honor” in a separate statement.

She will compete against Austin Change of Grand Rapids, Ryan Kelley of Allendale, and Bob Scott of Howell.

Tudor Dixon’s latest poll results show that Whitmer has 11 point lead against Tudor.

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Dixon’s views on critical issues

Forced Birth

Dixon disagrees with most Michiganders on abortion access, according to a recent interview with journalist Charlie LeDuff, including her position that children who family members rape should be forced to give birth to the kid. She called the horrifying possibility a “perfect example” of why she supports a tight abortion ban.

“To me, life is a life. That’s how it is,” Dixon clarified, adding that she believes abortion should be illegal in Michigan unless it is required to save the mother’s life.

Abortion Conspiracies 

Dixon also believes that Planned Parenthood has competing interests in promoting comprehensive sex education because the organization wants more individuals to undergo abortions. She believes the organization’s “business model” is based on teaching middle school girls about the reproductive system as part of a larger scheme to make more money through abortions.

War on Drag 

When asked if she would prosecute taking children to drag shows on a recent radio show, Dixon called on Michiganders to fight back in an active “war” against children and families.

“Of course, these are sexualized shows,” Dixon acknowledged in an interview with West Michigan Live that aired earlier this month. “Some are working very hard to oversexualize our youngsters.” This is what we are now fighting. It’s a fight against the family.”

Dixon also asserted, without providing proof, that children as young as kindergarteners are experiencing anxiety and confusion due to teachers pressuring them to doubt their gender identities.

The Big Lie 

Dixon claims that Facebook, specifically Mark Zuckerberg, has supported efforts to skew the 2020 election results against former President Donald Trump.

Sugarcoating Insurrectionism

Dixon refused to identify the deadly attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, as an “insurgency” in a January radio interview with WILS Morning Wake-Up, saying that violence occurred from “all sides” rather than merely violent supporters of the former president.

Dixon has lately reacted on social media about the arrest of one of her key opponents, Ryan Kelley, on criminal charges stemming from his involvement in the disturbances. Dixon defended Kelley there, calling his detention a politicized ploy to silence his campaign.

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All Lives Matter

Dixon has made “backing the blue” a prominent component of her campaign. She claims that implicit bias training, intended to combat racism among police officers, is racist in and of itself.

“Stop propagating the erroneous and racist notions that law enforcement officers are innately racist and predisposed to violence against minorities,” she urges on her campaign website. Dixon has also stated that officers in Michigan are constantly on the verge of being targeted and attacked.

‘Harden Our Schools

Dixon was quick to argue that police needed additional support after the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, even though police officers there had failed to act as the shooting occurred.

“After something like this happens, you start thinking about it more and more,” she remarked on Michigan’s Big Show. “In 2018, the State Police proposed hardening our schools. 

We must return to that plan and emphasize, “Look, this is our state police stating this is the greatest method to protect our children.” They make a living doing this. They keep people safe.”  Join Our Telegram channel for more updates

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Watch Selection Code Livestream Tudor Dixon Net Worth & Personal Life Truth Social app for android release date Tina Peters Selection Day Tim Michels – the 2022 Wisconsin gubernatorial election candidate Tim Michels Net Worth & Personal Life Ohgeesy Net Worth & Personal Life Moment of Truth Summit by Mike Lindell
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