Watch Alex Jones Breaks Silence on YE Interview with Louder with Crowder

Watch Alex Jones Breaks Silence on YE Interview with Louder with Crowder

Watch Alex Jones Breaks Silence on YE Interview with Louder with CrowderAlex Jones recently gave Crowder an exclusive interview about his controversial conversation with Ye West, and this might be the greatest Alex Jones rant ever.

Here is how you can watch Alex Jones breaks the silence on Ye interview with Louder with Crowder and a little brief about it –

Watch Alex Jones Breaks Silence on Ye Interview with Louder with Crowder

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Watch Alex Jones Breaks Silence on Ye Interview with Louder with Crowder – Summary

Alex Jones was recently invited to Louder with Crowder, where he opened up about what happened during and after his infamous interview with rapper Ye West.

When Alex Jones hosted Ye West on his show, it seemed like Jones completely ignored or was oblivious to the fact about how Ye behaved in some of his recent interviews.

However, Jones, with his talk at Louder, has clarified why he invited Ye and assured Crowder that he invited West on the show only so that he could show off his intellectual side. But of course, that is where he went wrong, and after the interview, he became sure of the fact that the 21-time Grammy winner was not knowledgeable about World War II.

Jones described West as a “savant” with “big revolutionary” aspirations, but he also noted West’s dissonance with his comments about Hitler and the Nazis, something Crowder had already brought up.

Jones seemed confused about the fact that the rapper idolized Hitler but simultaneously disagreed with Hitler’s stance on the right to life but at the same time also called himself pro-life.

According to Jones, he thinks that Ye decided to go all the way, deliberated over how shocking he could be, and ultimately decided to say, “f*ck it.”

This is what exactly happened in some of the recent interviews that Ye gave, and it is very evident that Ye likes showing his hatred for Jews as if it is nothing, but when someone confronts him or does not adhere to his thoughts, Ye does not take it well.

Jones added that once Ye started saying those things, it was like he had pressed a dopamine button and couldn’t stop. So basically, the entire time he was on, the engine ran full throttle. Alex explained in greater depth how he believed he was set up for a publicity stunt by Ye and his entourage.

However, both Crowder and Jones agreed that they do not think West has “hate in his heart,” despite West’s rants about Hitler and Nazism.

What happened in the Alex Jones interview with Ye?

Watch Alex Jones Breaks Silence on YE Interview with Louder with Crowder

During an Interview with InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Kanye West praised Adolf Hitler and unleashed an anti-Semitic diatribe while wearing a black hood that covered his face and head.

While appearing on Jones’ show, Ye made some of his most outspoken claims following a string of antisemitic comments he has made in recent months. During the nearly three-hour interview, Ye said he saw good things about Hitler and then started denying the Holocaust.

“I was considering Satan,” Ye went on. If you hate the Zionists or Hitler, it’s not because of the person. Satan is using people who are under the influence of demons.

Ye claimed that the New World Order population eugenics that is happening to this date was being carried out by Planned Parenthood and continued, saying to Jones that the “Jewish media has made people feel like the Nazis and Hitler offered nothing of value to the world.”

The rapper then read anti-Semitic jokes about conservative commentator and podcast host Ben Shapiro and said that Shapiro could tell how much change you have in your pocket just by hearing a jingle.

Jones gently contradicted Ye, saying, “I think most Jews are great people.” However, I do concur that the Jewish mafia exists.

Ye lost his cool at this point and responded that “his accounts were frozen,” and he was being threatened with jail time.

Jones claimed that the organization Planned Parenthood was an “abortion mill” that exploited “white guilt” to “help us kill black people” through financial support.What kind of crazy, out-of-control world is that?” Then Jones turned to Ye, and Ye retorted by saying, “Zionist.”

A few hours later, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk officially announced that Ye’s account had been blocked after the rapper was accused of tweeting an image of a Swastika inside a Star of David.

Kanye West Twitter Suspended

Ye anti-semantic comments timeline

Beginning in October, Ye made antisemitic comments, including “I’m going death con three on JEWISH PEOPLE.” Ye then went on a podcast and interview show, Blitz, where he reiterated his platform and pitched his presidential run for 2024.

During an interview, right-leaning podcaster Tim Pool pushed back on the rapper’s history of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming Jewish control of the news media, and Ye abruptly ended the interview when Pool challenged Ye on his use of “They” to promote his anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and Ye promptly left the room.

Ye also appeared on Fox News‘s Tucker Carlson‘s show before he started appearing on extremist-focused alt-media outlets and took the opportunity to express his opposition to abortion as well as his displeasure with the fashion industry. Soon after, Vice News reported that the show’s producers had excised Ye’s statements that he and the Black Hebrew Israelites shared religious beliefs.

How is Ye being affected because of his views

In the past two months, Ye has generated great negative publicity, which has cost him lucrative partnerships with top brands. After the rapper went on a bizarre anti-Semitic rant on social media last month, Adidas severed ties with Ye, and another corporate partner that sold Ye’s clothing line, GAP, also cut ties with him after his controversial comments.

Many people believed that Adidas should have divorced the former billionaire sooner because of the nearly $2 billion in sales that Ye-branded shoes brought in for the company last year, and Forbes claims that Ye’s net worth has dropped from an estimated $2 billion to a more reasonable $400 million due to his severed business partnerships.

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