Who is Adam Steen? Why did Trump endorse Steen?

Adam Steen

Adam Steen is the candidate who is running for the 63rd Wisconsin Assembly District. He is very hard-working and has worked on a farm with his family. He is fighting the election with the speaker of RINO, Robin Vos. Talking about Robin Vos In this election, Adam Steen uses the slogan “Make America Great Again is not exactly high on his list.”

Who is Adam Steen?

Adam Steen was grown up in Muncie, Indiana, and worked on a farm with his grandfather; he discovered the importance of honesty and hard work. He attended UW Madison and earned a degree in biological systems engineering after finishing high school. He met his wife, Hannah, at UW Madison. He has two girls from his marriage Ella and Abigail. 

Adam Steen
Adam Steen

He said on his official website about the election that “In this environment, a man’s word served as his guarantee, and a handshake was as binding as the U.S. Constitution. This nation, in my opinion, is the world’s leading symbol of hope. It is up to the people to take action and reclaim control of the public policy discussion.” 

Adam Steen Key Issues of 2022

The key issues that Adam Steen follows are;

America First

For those who uphold the principles and ideals upon which this nation was formed, the United States of America is the most lavish resort of hope and eternal prosperity. 

People only need to look at the most accomplished men and women in this nation to see that they all uphold the principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution. 

Here, people’s ability to work hard and commit to attaining their goals will determine people’s success, not their race, ethnicity, or financial standing. We live in a nation of laws, and our ability to succeed depends on how hard each of us works. 

Suppose we want to restore America’s greatness. In that case, We the People must take the initiative, own up to our past transgressions, and be willing to turn around and recommit to the ideals of our forefathers. 

Government Corruption

The citizens of Wisconsin have given too much power over our Constitutional Republic for far too long. The public’s will is necessary to solve this issue. Our government has demonstrated a lack of transparency and accountability down to the dog catcher. 

We, the people, should stand up and return to the debate on public policy. To reinstate the voice of the ordinary citizen in our government, He also said that he is ready to take a risk and defend Wisconsin’s citizens. 

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Election Integrity

He said that People find themselves on the edge of the cliff where the only path is to plunge forward from the cliff into the darkness. I want to counter this assessment of people. In this, people must disentangle the complex web of deception and lies. 

As outlined in the U.S. Constitution and the Wisconsin Constitution, this process begins by providing the legislature with direct control over our elections. The most sacred aspect of a constitutional republic is the right to vote. As Adam Steen said, we have no freedom if we can’t secure this process.

Why did Trump endorse Adam Steen over Robin Vos?

In District 63, the Republican primary against Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Adam Steen is a candidate who former president Donald Trump has publicly considered endorsing. 

Robin Vos and Adam Steen
Robin Vos and Adam Steen

Trump claimed he is considering endorsing Steen because “anyone would be better” than Vos in remarks published early on Sunday morning on his social media platform Truth Social. However, he omitted using Steen’s name.

On Sunday, Trump wrote. I’m seriously considering endorsing and supporting Robin Vos’s opponent because he is such a horrible representative for the Great State of Wisconsin. Anybody would be preferable! REMAIN TUNED!

For the first time in recent weeks, Trump criticized Vos for something other than how he handled the 2020 election on Sunday: that Vos had considered supporting the installation of toll booths on Wisconsin’s roads, which hasn’t been openly debated or considered in state politics since 2019; and that Vos had previously supported an increased gas tax, a stance that Vos said he no longer holds.

Vos gained Trump’s favor by starting the political probe into the 2020 election last year, headed by Michael Gableman, a former state Supreme Court justice, but which has turned up no proof of widespread fraud. 

Trump has grown to dislike Vos as the Gableman probe seems to close, with no action being taken to rescind the 2016 presidential election. 

Later on Sunday morning, Trump reiterated a claim made by Gableman—that there was a uniform 100 percent turnout in various Wisconsin senior homes—in a post on Truth Social, which has since been shown to be untrue. 

Who is Robin Vos?

Robin Vos is the president of the National Conference of State Legislatures. He is also the 79th speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He has been serving as the speaker since 2013. Since 2005 he has been a member of the assembly. He represented most of the southern half of Racine County.

Robin Vos - Bio, Age, Wiki, Net, Worth, Contact, and Salary
Robin Vos

He was born in Burlington, Wisconsin, in Racine County in 1968. He graduated in 1986 from Burlington High School. He had studied public relations and political science at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He graduated in 1991.

Robin Vos has attempted to portray Steen as an extremist for having overwhelmingly unpopular positions with voters, as well as for his claim that the 2020 election might be reversed. According to Robin Vos, Some of Steen’s Roles are:

  • That Wisconsin’s ban on abortion should not be modified, not even for the mother’s life or in rape instances.
  • That doing birth control is like “playing God.”
  • A disagreement with “red flag” firearms laws. At a campaign event earlier this month, he declared, “I don’t think that’s the government’s authority to decide” who should be allowed to carry a gun regularly.


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