Judge Denies Eastman’s Bid to Keep Law Practice Amid Disbarment Battle

Judge Denies Eastman's Bid to Keep Law Practice Amid Disbarment Battle

Recently, a California judge rejected John Eastman’s request to continue practicing law while he fights to retain his license.

Eastman, known for his involvement in Donald Trump‘s efforts to challenge the 2020 election results, faces accusations of repeatedly violating legal ethics.

Judge Yvette Roland, who recommended Eastman’s disbarment in March, found that he had breached ethical standards in supporting Trump’s attempts to remain in office.

Despite Eastman’s intention to appeal the ruling, his license was automatically suspended following the judge’s decision.

Roland ruled, “Given the serious and extensive nature of Eastman’s unethical actions, the most severe available professional sanction is warranted to protect the public and preserve the public confidence in the legal system.”

Roland wrote a strong 128-page document criticizing Eastman for his actions and for not showing any regret afterward. She said that Eastman knowingly made weak claims of fraud and irregularities in legal papers while representing Trump.

The judge explained how deeply involved Eastman was in Trump’s attempts to change the results of the 2020 election.

This included early lawsuits that didn’t work out and his attempt to get Republican state legislatures to send different electors to Congress, which was a last-minute effort to help Trump stay in power.

Roland said that at every step, Eastman ignored evidence that didn’t support his case and believed claims of fraud without questioning them.

Judge Denies Eastman Bid to Keep Law Practice Amid Disbarment Battle
Judge Denies Eastman’s Bid to Keep Law Practice Amid Disbarment Battle

In recent weeks, Eastern pleaded with Roland to delay the impact of the ruling. As, if it ain’t, it would stop Roland from doing his job as a lawyer, which would mess up a bunch of important cases he’s handling.

These cases include one where two politicians are suing two cities in California because they didn’t let them hold a political event there.

Eastman also works for the Colorado Republican Party and is involved in a case about elections and another case in which a teenager is suing his school because they wouldn’t let him show a certain flag.

Despite these charges, Eastman included statements that some clients, like Gaetz and Greene, want him to continue their legal hearing.

Eastman emphasized that these cases are a crucial source of income as he fights criminal charges in Georgia alongside Trump and 13 other co-defendants.

Roland strongly disagreed with Eastman’s reasons for continuing his law practice despite facing disbarment.

Even if Eastman had the power to give back his license, Roland believes he’s still a risk to the public. This is because he hasn’t taken responsibility for his wrongdoing, as judged by her.

Roland wrote in a three-page order that “Eastman’s motion fails to demonstrate that he no longer presents a threat to the public.”

She wrote this in context after Eastman approached other judges to wait before removing him from his other cases, so he could appeal the ruling that stripped him of his law license.

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