Latest News - USA - Ron Watkins is running for the Arizona Congressional seat.

Ron Watkins is running for the Arizona Congressional seat.

Ron Watkins is an American conspiracy theorist. He is one of the supporters of Trump’s claim of voter fraud. Watkins also is the administrator of the imageboard website, 8chan.

Moving from QAnon to Congress:

In a recently uploaded video on Telegram, a social media platform, Watkins said, “We must stay vigilant and keep up the pressure both here in Arizona and throughout the country to indict any criminals who have facilitated election fraud.” Firmly believing in the “Big Lie” of fraud votes, Watkins also said, “President Trump had his election stolen not just in Arizona, but in other states too. We must now take this fight to Washington, D.C., and vote out all the dirty Democrats who have stolen our republic.”

Watkins will run for the Arizona Congressional seat against Democratic Congressman Tom O’Holleran. 

Ron Watkin is not the founder of the online imageboard site 8chan. This site came under his name after his father, Jim Watkins, purchased it. 

Uscinski made prominent remarks about Watkins for this very move. He said, “I don’t get the impression that Ron Watkins fits into any Republican or Democrat mold. I don’t think he cares about tax policy or anything like that,”

University of Miami’s professor claims, “In previous decades, we wouldn’t have noticed or cared.” Still, with the growing popularity of QAnon as a vast conspiracy theory, this news has gained an exceedingly heavy response. This news is in headlines that would not have been the case if it had been earlier. 

It is not news that people with conspiratorial perceptions have existed in politics. But the avid supporters of Trump always are in the spotlight for their outlandish remarks and beliefs. 

Uscinski also said, “I don’t necessarily think that the QAnon supporters are going to line up for him,” 

Way Forward

After the defeat of Trump in the 2020 elections, the QAnon community is outrageous with their misconceptions and ideals. This also led to many over-the-mark events like the Marathon Telethon aired by Mike Lindell while dropping the case about stolen votes at the Supreme court. QAnon and the big ardent Trump Supporter since then have made headlines with their outrage and support. 

Republican senate members hired Trump supporters to recount the votes of the 2020 election. When Biden’s victory was reassured after the counting, even then, QAnon and other Trump supporters made false claims and remarks. 

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