731 people died within 24 hours in New York, more than 75 thousand lives lost in the world

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731 people died within 24 hours in New York, the center of the coronavirus in the US. This is the most death from corona in a US state in a single day. The situation here has become such that due to a shortage of space in the morgue, it was being considered to temporarily bury the dead bodies in the park.

However, now this decision has been put on hold for the time being. The worldwide death toll from the Coronavirus has risen to 75,500 and more than 50,000 of these deaths have occurred in the European continent.

731 deaths in a day inside New York, no place to bury bodies

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has confirmed the deaths of 731 people. He said, ‘The bad news is that 5,489 people have died in New York. The death toll a day earlier was 4,758, so this is the largest death toll in a day.

731 people died within 24 hours in New York, and more than 75 thousand lives were lost in the world

731 people died within 24 hours in New York
731 people died within 24 hours in New York

The 731 people we lost. Among the dead are a person, a family, a mother, and a father. State Governor Andrew Cuomo, however, said that this is not the time for negligence. Mayor Bill de Blasio said, ‘New York City is fighting it. Our enemy is invisible. Our enemy is cruel but this city is fighting. ‘

New York City cemetery director P Memo said the cemetery had three times more dead bodies than the usual two. He said that it looks like September 11, 2001.

The place in the mortuary has been reduced to contain the bodies and it was decided that the tomb would be temporarily dug in the park. However, this could not be agreed upon and the bodies would be transported to the park in Heartland if needed. The Coronavirus has killed 11,850 people in the US so far.

66 thousand deaths expected in Britain

Scientists at Washington University in the United States have predicted that 66,000 people may have died in Britain by the Coronavirus by July. It has also been claimed that there will be three times more deaths here than in Italy, where the maximum number of deaths occurred at the moment.

It has been said in the study that 20 thousand people can die in Italy and 19 thousand in Spain. Meanwhile, Corona virus-infected UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the ICU on Tuesday. Johnson was confirmed to be infected 10 days ago and when his condition worsened, he himself was admitted to the ICU. His spokesman said that his condition was stable at night.

731 people died within 24 hours in New York, and more than 75 thousand lives were lost in the world

731 people died within 24 hours in New York
731 people died within 24 hours in New York

How is the condition of the rest of Europe

In Spain, 743 people died due to infection on Tuesday. On Monday, 833 people died due to illness in France. The number of dead has again risen in Italy. 114 more people died in Sweden, after which the death toll in the country reached 591.

However, Sweden has not implemented an extraordinary closure like other countries in Europe. In Brussels, the European Union has announced an investment of $ 16.4 billion to help the poorer countries with weak healthcare systems to cope with the impact of COVID-19 and to help with long-term economic recovery.

France, on the other hand, warns that it is heading for a recession that would be the worst situation since World War II. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel said that the European Union is undergoing the biggest test since its inception in 1957.

731 people died within 24 hours in New York

731 people died within 24 hours in New York
731 people died within 24 hours in New York

US scientists warn, 66,000 deaths may occur in Britain

After America, now a very scary guess has been made about Britain and it is about the deaths from coronavirus. Top scientists say that the COVID19 epidemic in Britain could kill 66,000 people. Earlier, a top health officer of the Trump administration had warned that there could be more than one lakh deaths in the US.

Researchers at the University of Washington said that one and a half million people could die in Europe. At the same time, according to this, 66,000 people in the UK alone can be killed by COVID19. It is being told that there will be three times more deaths in the UK than in Italy.

Currently the most affected country in Europe is Italy where more than 15,000 people have died. According to the estimates of scientists, in the next three months in Italy, 20 thousand lives can be lost. 19 thousand deaths have been estimated in Spain and 15 thousand in France.

863 people died in 24 hours.
Most European countries are trying to stop the virus through social distancing, while a three-week lockdown has also been declared in Britain. In the UK alone, 51,608 people have been diagnosed with infections and 6,236 have died.

In Britain, not only the elderly but also the youth and children are being infected. Here a 5-year-old child has also fallen victim to Corona, while a 102-year-old elderly woman who has suffered the tragedy of the World War lost to Corona.

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